Clitty Clitty Bang Bang!!!


Tickle Her Pink Clitoral Pleasure Gel
30ml /1 oz clitoral gel

Our special formulated clitoral pleasure gel with L-Arginine, L-Ornithine, Daminana and Peppermint Oil increases  blood flow to the clitoral area.  This will be the best clitoral orgasm you have ever had!  Approximately 40 applications.




Double Bang Bang!!!


Tickle Her Pink Ultimate Orgasm Clitoral Pleasure Kit
30ml/1 oz clitoral gel and Multiple-Speed vibrating bullet

This Kit containing a gentle –dial it up to–powerful multiple-speed vibrating bullet is guaranteed to send waves of pleasure throughout your entire body!  Teamed up with the “Tickle Her Pink” clitoral gel, it is sure to make you scream for more!






48 - 2ml foil packets of Tickle Her Pink clitoral gel




Get Tight and Tickled Tonight!!


Tickle Her Like A Virgin Tightening Gel
30ml/1 oz temporary tightening gel

Feel your vaginal muscles getting tighter around his penis! Like A Virgin Tightening Pleasure Gel is applied inside the vagina for a warm pulsating feel on his penis as your muscles contract. Enhances vaginal orgasm also. Contains capsicum in addition to skin-soothing vitamin E and almond oil.




Hold Him Tighter – Where It Counts!


Like A Virgin Ultimate Tightening Pleasure Kit
30ml/1 oz tightening gel, educational guide book and Ben Wa balls with velveteen pouch

These time-honored balls of ancient Japan give subtle vibrations to every movement.  Once placed inside the vagina our stainless steel Ben Wa balls are used for both pleasure and strengthening the PC muscle.  Use in combination with the Like A Virgin gel for maximum pleasure for both partners!






48 - 2ml foil packets of Like A Virgin tightening pleasure gel




Keep him nibbling longer!


Tickle Her Nipple Ultimate Play Kit
30ml/1 oz tingling nipple gel, 2 pairs of nipple pasties and 4 sexy accent tattoos

Stimulates the nipples through a combination of tingling and warming sensations in addition to being delicious tasting!  Sexy Pasties decorate the nipples and thrill your partner!  Pasties will last on the skin for days.  Four sexy tattoos to accent your secretly pink places!




What is all the fuss about???


Tickle Her G-Spot Ultimate Orgasm Kit
30ml/1 oz G-Spot orgasm gel, multiple-speed waterproof G-Spot finger vibrator and “Treasure Map to the G-Spot educational guide book

Tickle Her G-Spot gel temporarily increases the size and sensitivity of the G-Spot.  This product is latex condom friendly.  The priceless “Treasure Map to the G-Spot” Guide will show you how to locate the G-Spot and demonstrate the best sexual positions to use with the multiple-speed G-Spot finger vibrator.






48 - 2ml foil packets of Tickle Her G-Spot gspot stimulating gel




Do you know where your G-spot is?


Ooooh! That’s It G-Spot Gel and Guide Book
30ml/1 oz G-Spot orgasm gel, and “Find It!” guide book

Ooooh! That’s It G-Spot gel temporarily increases the size and sensitivity of the G-Spot. Latex condom friendly.  The “Find It” Guide will show you how to find the G-Spot and the best sexual positions.